Chairman Message

Upon the moment you first step into Hwafone steel or you make contact with Hwafone’s colleague, products or culture, Hwafone has already shaken hands with you, you have already been our best friend.

Hwafone is an enterprise pursuing scientific development, concentrating on refined management, only with well performed details, we can meet our commitment of "zero defect outgoing product, hundred percent customer satisfaction". I see hwafone staff’s efforts for the goals. I understand and appreciate their contribution year by year.

Hwafone worships and respects filial piety. there is a saying "to manage a family well with little filial piety, to operate enterprise better with medium filial piety". Hwafone employees have to assume family responsibilities. The happy family is the fundation of Hwafone people’s happiness, which is also the way to guarantee sustainable product quality.

Hwafone's growth is stemmed from reliance of customers, support from government, sincerest help from all walks. In the Past or future, Hwafone will always uphold the spirit of "integrity, innovation, foresight, win-win". 

In the Future, Hwafone will bear the diversity, and face more challenges from local and international markets for greater success. 

Hwafone, marching together with you all the time!

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